Column for HPLC(Wako)

Chromatography is an analytical technique for separation of substances, using chemical and physical interactions. Chromatography consists of a stationary phase and a mobile phase, and substances are separated according to difference in interactions between the samples and the stationary / mobile phase.

  • Wakopak Wakosil5C18 1.0*250mm
  • Wakopak Wakosil5C18 4.0*150mm
  • Wakopak Wakosil-II5C8HG 4.6*250mm
  • Wakopak Wakosil-II5C8HG 4.6*150mm

  • Wakopak Wakosil-II5CN 2.0*50mm
  • Wakopak Wakosil-II5CN 4.6*250mm
  • Wakopak Wakosil 5NH2 3.0*250mm
  • Wakopak Wakosil5NH2 10*300mm

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